Katrina Rae was born in Ponca City Oklahoma, currently resides in Frankenmuth, MI.

Katrina attended the Kansas City Art Institute, Memphis Collage of Art, and Eastern Michigan University. Her area of concentration began in the three dimensional while attending art school and university. 


Not wanting to join the ranks of a starving artist, led her to becoming an entrepreneur. Katrina has opened multiple successful businesses, her first company, in Memphis,TN. at the age of twenty four, resulting in her art career not being seriously pursued until 2016.


Katrina credits her mentor Anni Crouter for the inspiration, guidance and encouragement to return to her art career after a prolonged departure.


 Due to the strong influence of her mentor, Katrina has found a passion for working in the two dimensional, using stick pastel, on the surface of insulation board. She loves the idea of using traditional and non traditional materials to create a representational piece of work, without limitations on size or weight. Katrina has discovered the use of  polyurethane and UV protectant on her pastel paintings, eliminating the traditional usage of glass.


While residing in Memphis, TN. Katrina apprenticed under sculpture John Mori. Katrina was selected by artist Robert Brady, to work on a collaborated fiber installation, commissioned for the Crecent Center, Memphis, TN. While attending Eastern Michigan University, Katrina studied under world renowned ceramist Susan Stevenson.

Katrina has shown in Art Prize Nine, Saginaw Art Museum, Studio 23 Art Center, Canton Art Center, Arte Natura, Limner Gallery, and multiple regional, national, and international exhibitions.


Katrina has worked on short film projects as a producer, director, set designer, prop coordinator and art director, for the Crash the Super Bowl Dorito’s Contest, Day in a Life 10-10-10, and Ridley Scott’s Parallel Lines Competition.



 Katrina has been invited to participate in multiple local and regional events, to include exclusive wine paring, fund raisers, and has been selected as one of the 50 artists of the Great Lakes Bay Region 2019, winning the award of merit, peoples choice award.


Katrina’s work is on a constant evolutionary journey, striving to grow and evolve without limiting herself to one particular subject matter or area of concentration.